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Astronauts Delivery Artifacts to HOF

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  • NASA astronauts delivery artifacts to The Pro Football Hall of Fame that flew with them in space.
  • 1/27/2010
  • Album ID: 932542
  • Photos by Scott Heckel

NTSB Final Report 2008 Lake Plane Crash

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  • The NTSB releases its final report on the December 2008 Lake Twp. plane crash that claimed the life of GOP IT guru Michael Connell.
  • 1/27/2010
  • Album ID: 933036
  • Photos by The Repository / Scott Heckel

The Faces of James Mammone III

  • 22 photos
  • Repository file photos with the many expressions of James Mammone III from 2009 to 2010.
  • 1/26/2010
  • Album ID: 929565
  • Photos by Repository File Photos and Police Mugs

"Hugs for Haiti"

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  • Mount Union's "Hugs for Haiti" relief effort in Alliance Saturday to raise money for the Pierre Garcon Hope Project in support of the Northwest Haiti Christian Mission.
  • 1/25/2010
  • Album ID: 930185
  • Photos by Julie Vennitti

Homes - Peddling the Dream

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  • Peddling the Dream: Companies prey on less fortunate with dream of homeownership. For $500 down and $400 a month, you, too, can become a homeowner. No credit, bad credit - no problem. It's a deal that sounds too good to be true, and in many cases in Stark County, it was too good to be true.
  • 1/25/2010
  • Album ID: 905856
  • Photos by Michael Balash

Willis Pontiac Demolished

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  • The former Willis Pontiac building at 202 W. Maple St. in North Canton was demolished Sunday, and crews worked on the remains on Monday. Ralph “Pappy” Willis went in the building as a Plymouth dealership in 1932, then bought his partner out and became a Pontiac dealership in 1935.
  • 1/25/2010
  • Album ID: 931643
  • Photos by Repository / Mike Balash

James Mammone III Sentenced - Death

  • 314 photos
  • James Mammone III sentenced to death by Judge Haas. Thursday, a jury found James Mammone, 36, of Canton, guilty of killing his two children, ages 3 and 5, and his former mother-in-law on June 8 2009. This photo gallery also includes images from previous court appearances.
  • 1/23/2010
  • Album ID: 772595
  • Photos by Bob Rossiter / The Repository

Canton Baptist Temple morning outreach

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  • 1/21/2010
  • Album ID: 928842
  • Photos by Michael Balash

Mayor Healy Works Garbage Route

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  • Mayor William J. Healy II spent Wednesday morning picking up garbage on a city trash route. Healy started the route at about 6 a.m. and finished around 10 a.m. in near northwest Canton, said Adam Herman, the mayor’s communications director. Healy rode on the back of a garbage truck and picked up trash along with two other city employees. The mayor decided to pick up garbage after a sanitation department employee invited Healy to see firsthand what it entails to be a garbage collector, Herman said.
  • 1/20/2010
  • Album ID: 928306
  • Photos by Stan Myers

Earthquake in Haiti

  • 140 photos
  • A powerful earthquake struck Haiti's capital on Tuesday with withering force, toppling everything from simple shacks to the ornate National Palace. The dead and injured lay in the streets even as strong aftershocks rippled through the impoverished Caribbean country. Associated Press journalists based in Port-au-Prince said the damage from the quake - the most powerful to hit Haiti in more than 200 years - is staggering even in a country accustomed to tragedy and disaster. Thousands of people gathered in public squares late into the night, singing hymns and weeping.
  • 1/18/2010
  • Album ID: 924211
  • Photos by Ap Photos
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